21 Gennaio 2021

A passion lasting from almost 40 years.

The people who already know our factory, they are aware of the love we dedicate in design and making our furniture collections.
We are satisfied and proud once we are able to make a piece of furniture following the rules of ancient ebanist and handicraftsman, or when we can solve any small detail which is really important to achieve a final product perfectly made.
In our furniture production, it is essential to select the wood and to reach a good quality finish, that must be always joint with our knowledge, like an inseparable combination to create, not only a precious collection, but also pieces of furniture having a unique "taste".
Only by this way we are sure to give you the best.

Complete furnishings.

All our collections can furnish every room of the house: kitchen, day and night zone, study, bathroom and are completed with accessories.

Every single piece of furniture by F.lli Pistolesi is a guarantee of production with artisanal systems inside the factory, using only wood, lumber, marine plywood, with carvings completely finished by hand (excluding substitutes like particles of wood, pulp of wood and resins).

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